Dear visitors,
Intermas Group is the biggest plastic net manufacturer in Europe with the headquarter in Spain and additional manufacturing subsidiaries in France and Italy.
INTERMAS EASTERN EUROPE LTD was founded on 1st of April 2008 with the task of being the commercial and logistic center of the Group in the central and Eastern European area.

Albertirsa is 50 km away from Budapest, in the logistic centre of Eastern Europe. This fact makes the effective and fast delivery of products to the local and central European customers. The company takes care of all functions of logistic and commercial needs of the INTERMAS GROUP in the region.
The multilingual employees of our company know and understand the requirements and needs of the region’s customers. We operate in a 183 m2 office and in a 408 m2 large working area. There are also five store facilities in the order of 4000 m2. Part of the service and manufacturing capacity is operating within the IEE. We are working on all INTERMAS market segments (Agriculture, Gardening, Industry, Civil Engineering, Building, Packaging) but we place particular importance on Gardening and Agricultural applications, additional extra effort is placed on supplying DIY stores. INTERMAS is one of the largest players among the garden supplying companies. This is due to the constant market research and product development. Each year several new products are introduced in our catalogue.
With our specialists we endeavour that the growing high quality product range gives a top level service to our partners.

Mr. Peter Szabó
General Manager